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Music Research Forum 2013-14
All seminars are in the Creative Arts Building, Seminar Room G/01, 4.30-6pm

Term 1 Chair
15 October Peter Ablinger University of Huddersfield
Composition Beyond Music/Music Beyond Composition
22 October Prof Ross Duffin Case Western Reserve University
How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and why you should care)
5 November Prof Erik Oña Hochschule für Musik, Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel
Lecture Title TBC
12 November Dr Hilda Paredes
Cultural Roots: connecting time and place in musical composition
26 November Dr Graham Cummings University of Huddersfield
Handel Under Attack: Operatic Rivalry in London’s 1733-34 Season
10 December Dr Björn Heile University of Glasgow
Integrative Music History: Rethinking Music since 1900
Term 2
21 January Prof Simon Keefe University of Sheffield
Performing, Composing and Publishing: Mozart “Haydn” Quartets
11 February Prof Michael Clarke University of Huddersfield, Prof Peter Manning Durham University,
and Dr Frédéric Dufeu University of Huddersfield
TaCEM: investigating the relationship between technological innovation and creative practice in electroacoustic music
18 February Dr Pamela Burnard University of Cambridge
From the theory of compositional creativity to the practice of theory: working with Bourdieu
in research with composers
4 March Prof Richard Wistreich Royal Northern College of Music
Reading between the notes: sight-singing and sociability in the sixteenth century
18 March James Clarke
Freedom, individuality, style, and the interrelationship of different strands in an artist’s work
25 March Prof Liza Lim University of Huddersfield
Knots and other forms of entanglement: a discussion of recent compositions
1 April Dr Lisa Colton University of Huddersfield
Queer sensibilities in medieval musical culture


Music Research Seminar series, 2012-13

9 Oct 2012, Prof. Philip Tagg (Huddersfield)

Popular Music

23 Oct 2012, Dr Aaron Cassidy (Huddersfield)

Integration and Unification of Multiparametric Notation in Second String Quartet and A painter of figures in rooms

30 Oct 2012, Dr Evan Johnson

Unclarity, Inefficiency and Unreasonableness: On Recent Works.

6 Nov 2012, Prof. Michael Pisaro (California Institute of the  Arts)

A finite map of infinite space: fields, grids and diskrete stetigkeit

13 Nov 2012, Dr Julio D’Escrivan (Huddersfield)

Live cinema as musical new media

27 Nov 2012, Dr Matthew Sansom (Surrey)

Recent compositional work

11 Dec 2012, Dr Rupert Till (Huddersfield)

Popular Music Composition: aesthetics, politics and epistemic intertia

15 Jan 2013, Dr Barbara Eichner (Oxford Brooke)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Wagner’s Music Dramas from the Perspective of the Minor Characters

29 Jan 2013, Prof. Eric Clarke (Oxford)

Distributed creativity in contemporary concert music

12 Feb 2013, Dr Justin Williams (Bristol)

Maria Schneider, Digital Patronage and Fan-Artist Interactivity

26 Feb 2013, Prof. John Bryan & Dr  Michael Fleming  (Huddersfield)

Investigating the Tudor Viol

12 Mar 2013, Prof. Trevor Wishart (Durham)

Music from Speech