Liza Lim’s work in Krakow, Oslo, Schwaz, Melbourne & Strasbourg


The hardanger fiddle must hold a special fascination for Huddersfield composers…

Lim: 'Winding Bodies: 3 Knots', National Gallery, Ultima Festival, Oslo
Lim: ‘Winding Bodies: 3 Knots’, National Gallery, Ultima Festival, Oslo

Liza Lim’s latest ensemble work Winding Bodies:3 knots (Ricordi Berlin, 2014) featuring the musician Odd Hannisdal on hardanger had its premiere season in Krakow, at Oslo’s Ultima Festival and at Klangspuren Schwaz during August-September. The work was commissioned by the Norwegian Cikada Ensemble who will perform it with other pieces by Lim at hcmf// on 26 November. A review in the Tiroler Tageszeitung says, ‘Liza Lim writes a captivating diverse music, technically complicated, but with energetically thrilling and kaleidoscopic colours featuring the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle.’

Also in September, Lim’s large work City of Falling Angels for 12 percussionists was performed in Melbourne in a collaboration between the legendary Kroumata Percussion Ensemble, Speak Percussion and the Australian National Academy of Music. A new version of her solo bassoon work Axis Mundi was premiered at Strabourg’s Festival Musica by Alban Wesly on 1 October.