Scott McLaughlin, Rose Dodd, Monty Adkins premieres in Amsterdam

posterh-fconcert4mei2014duohevansweb_000Duo Hevans + Huygens-Fokker microtonal organ (Ere Lievonen – organist) presented a concert in Amsterdam at the Muziekgebouw on May 4th premiering works by Dr Scott McLaughlin, Dr Rose Dodd and Prof. Monty Adkins.

Contrasting Symmetries co-composed by Rose Dodd and Monty Adkins ‘creates shifting textures between instruments and electronics. The “contrast” in the title refers to the low wind instruments and the higher organ, the instruments and the electronics, the linear nature of the first part and the chordal second. Overall the piece is concerned more with sonority and creating a unified soundscape rather than one instrument predominating over another.’