Prof. Monty Adkins, recent and upcoming publications, ‘Beyond Pythagoras’ Symposium

Residual FormsProf. Monty Adkins has released a new 20 minute electroacoustic work entitled Residual Forms on the Portuguese label Cronica. The work was created whilst he has been on sabbatical this year.

He says of the work: ‘Residual Forms is influenced by the psychogeographical notion of the ‘drift’ – an aimless wondering around the city, exploring its hidden resonances, which lay just beneath the surface.’

Prof. Adkins is hosting the Beyond Pythagoras Symposium in electronic music and sound art in the Music Dept 21-23 March 2014. The symposium is funded by various Swedish grants obtained in collaboration with Huddersfield graduate Dr Paulina Sundin.

Upcoming publications include: Rift Patterns, a 47 minute piece featuring prepared piano and electronics which will be released in April on Audiobulb as an ibook and hi-res digital release. The video trilogy will be premiered at the Sonic Immersions Festival (Macedonia) on April 5th. The publication involves a collaboration across the university:  the video is by University of Huddersfield Digital Media lecturer Jason Payne, the iBook contains a specially written short story by Deborah Templeton (drama) and photography and iBook design is by MRes composer, Stephen Harvey.