Prof. Liza Lim, presentations in China and the States

Liza Lim is a guest artist at the Hongqiao Xiuxi international poetry festival (Yangzhou, China) giving a talk about her work on April 3. She has been commissioned to write a concerto for Guqin and orchestra for the following year’s festival in a collaboration with Nanjing University of the Arts. Soon after she visits New York to work with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) who present a portrait concert of her music on April 10 at the Miller Theatre, Columbia University. She will also visit Harvard University to give a lecture in the Barwick Colloquium Series (April 15).

A list of other upcoming concerts with Liza’s music in Australia, France, Germany and the States can be found here.

An article/interview discussing the upcoming performance in Melbourne of  Garden of Earthly Desire (a work from 1988!) and the recent Tongue of the Invisible CD appears in Realtime arts magazine.