Richard Glover ‘Logical Harmonies’ CD

Logical harmoniesRichard Glover’s portrait Cd ‘Logical Harmonies’ has been released on the Another Timbre label and an interview with Richard can be found on their website. Brian Olewnick reviewing the disc on his Just Outside blog says:

In the interview on the Another Timbre site, references are made, with regard to Glover’s music, to that of Tom Johnson, James Tenney and Alvin Lucier. These seem quite reasonable though, at least on the basis of this recording, my first experience with Glover (unless I’m forgetting something, always a strong possibility), his work stands apart in very beautiful ways. While process oriented, the pieces here are entirely acoustic which might tend to align him more with Johnson but there’s also a clear concern with sonic beauty, in an almost classical sense, that’s at odds with Johnson’s list-making that adopts a more remote stance. I also detect subtle allusions to classic forms, again just a step or two to the side of the almost clinical presentation that can occur (not without its own attractions, certainly) in a piece by Johnson or Lucier.
That said, these are seven extraordinarily wonderful compositions.

Richard’s work Progress will be performed by the Set Ensemble at the Meantime Gallery in Cheltenham on Sunday 15 December. His book chapter ‘Minimalism, technology and electronic music’ appears in the recently published Ashgate Research Companion to Minimalist and Postminimalist Music.