Martin Scheuregger, Composer-in-Residence with the British Music Collection

We are pleased to welcome Martin Scheuregger appointed Composer-in-Residence with the British Music Collection based at the University of Huddersfield as part of Sound and Music’s ‘Embedded’ scheme


Martin says:  ‘The project will involve my direct work with the BMC, a collection of over 30,000 scores and recordings from the 1960s to the present day. By studying and engaging with the wealth of material in the collection, I intend to identify common threads that run through it and to compose new works in response to this. A key part of the project is also to find ways of fostering greater interest in and understanding of music in the Collection.

My intention is to keep a strong, current web presence to engage an audience in the development of the project, and give some insight into the creative working process and how composers work. I will be keeping a record of what I’m doing online through blogs via Sound and Music and a series of podcasts on SoundCloud. Short pieces and sketches will be performed and recorded along the way, and I will be drawing on the expertise and facilities at the University’s Department of Music to help with this. As the project progresses, I will be working towards a larger scale performance and will start dialogues with professional ensemble from the UK and abroad in order to facilitate this and future presentations of mine and the Collection’s music.’

An interview about Sound and Music’s recent release of works (including music by Mary Bellamy and Bryn Harrison) from the British Music Collection can be seen on the Sound and Music site. Also see news item below.