Liza Lim recent CDs

Angels CD coverLiza Lim’s Wild Winged-One for solo trumpet has been published on a new CD from WERGO featuring Marco Blaauw and musicians of Ensemble musikFabrik.

This follows the release of her work Tongue of the Invisible by musikFabrik on the same label which has received a number of excellent reviews. Paul Driver in his review describes the work as ‘remarkable’ and selected it for The Sunday Times ‘100 Records of the Year’. Simon Cummings in his blog 5:4 says: ‘Tongue of the Invisible is a searching, searing work, never for a moment relinquishing its grip on the intense subject matter at its core.’ It also appears in Alex Ross’ The Rest is Noise listing and was one the case studies in his keynote lecture at the closing weekend of the Rest is Noise Festival at London Southbank Centre. Ross said:

One crucial aspect of Lim’s work is her way of negotiating between a broad spectrum of folk and classical traditions and the languages of Western modernism. She is hardly the first to undertake such a project, but she has done it with unusual finesse. A case in point, and surely one of the strongest compositions to appear in the last couple of years, is Tongue of the Invisible, a vocal cycle on texts of the great fourteenth-century Persian poet Hafez, written for the twentieth anniversary of the virtuoso Köln-based Ensemble musikFabrik… This is a cosmopolitan music of maximum sensitivity and cultural awareness: in its restless, hyper-alert mediation among multiple voices, it is as much evidence of a great listener as of a major composer. (lecture transcript, Ricordi London, used with permission)