Dr Richard Glover, Dr Bryn Harrison: Extended Durations symposium

In early September, CeReNeM at the University of Huddersfield hosted the Extended Durations symposium organised by Dr Richard Glover and Dr Bryn Harrison. Delegates from across the UK, Europe and the US presented on topics exploring the experience, interpretation and construction of music over extended timescales.

Jem Finer - Score for a Hole in the Ground
Jem Finer – Score for a Hole in the Ground

An inspiring and fascinating keynote was given by Jem Finer, the creator of Longplayer and Score for a Hole in the Ground, prompting debate about longevity, future-proofing of works and the practicalities of extended performance.

Other highlights included Braxton Sherouse’s nodes & signs installation which ran throughout the weekend and utilised the 30 workstations of one of the university’s computer lab to display an evolving network of visual and sonic objects. Greg Stuart gave a 100-minute solo percussion performance of Michael Pisaro’s  Amongst the numerous, and Michael Duch’s captivating performance of Hanne Darboven’s 70-minute Opus 17a in the atrium of the Creative Arts Building provided a fitting close to the event.