Dr Elizabeth Dobson: Collabhub and HEA success

Congratulations to Dr Elizabeth Dobson for her success with the HEA who are funding an event within the Higher Education Academy’s Seminar Series ‘Scrutinising approaches to interdisciplinary collaborative practice in undergraduate digital, creative and performing arts’, 7 April 2014, more info: e.d.dobson@hud.ac.uk.

Dr Dobson’s PhD research into interdisciplinary collaboration led her to initiate CollabHub last October 2012 which aims to foster multi-disciplinary enterprise and a community of collaborative practice amongst undergraduates at The University of Huddersfield.

The Enterprise Music Experiment and Discover Huddersfield Sound Walks

During induction week Liz Dobson (Music Technology) and Rita Klapper (Enterprise) launched EMu Experiment [Enterprise Music Experiment] for 30 second-year music and music technology students to collaborate with the new Enterprise BA(Hons) students. Each team was given a £20 investment and two weeks to develop and run a social enterprise business which includes their music knowledge. One team has already developed an interactive game for teaching music theory to young children and another has been running Soundpainting workshops for non-musicians.

In November, CollabHub will also work with Huddersfield Creative Arts Network, Kirklees Council and Janette Martin from  the Dept of History on DH SoWa [Discover Huddersfield Sound Walk].  Dr Steven Pool and staff in music and history will provide a workshop and mentor students to develop their own sound walks. The soundwalks will be presented in March and evaluated for development and use by the Council’s ‘Discover Huddersfield’ programme.

Collabhub symposium, Creative Arts Building, Huddersfield, May 2013
Collabhub symposium, Creative Arts Building, Huddersfield, May 2013