Dr Aaron Cassidy: new publications and performances

Hot%20New%20Focus%20RecordsAaron Cassidy’s asphyxia (2000) for soprano saxophone is included on a new CD from the Chicago-based saxophonist Ryan Muncy, released by New Focus Records (Sept 2013). Muncy has also performed the work extensively on international concert tours over the last four years.
Cassidy’s vocal solo I purples, spat blood, laugh of beautiful lips (2006) was featured at the Resonant Bodies Festival in Brooklyn, 7 September, performed by Jeffrey GavettGavett will also conduct the ekmeles vocal ensemble in the US premiere of Cassidy’s A painter of figures in rooms (2012) on 15 November in New York.
The summer also saw the publication of two articles on Cassidy’s recent work with multi-coloured tablature notation in Second String Quartet (2010) and A painter of figures in rooms (2012). “The String Quartet as laboratory and playground for experimentation and tradition (or, opening out/closing in)” was published in Contemporary Music Review (Volume 32, part 4, 2013), and “Constraint Schemata, Multi-axis Movement Modeling, and Unified, Multi-parametric Notation for Strings and Voices” appears in the Autumn 2013 edition of Search Journal for New Music and Culture. Additionally, the latest  in Bärenreiter’s series of contemporary instrument technique books, The Techniques of Violin Playing / Die Spieltechnik der Violine, by Irvine Arditti and Robert HP Platz, which includes discussions of Cassidy’s works The Crutch of Memory (2004) and Second String Quartet (2010), will be available soon.
In a non-academic sphere, Aaron’s work was discussed in an article by Karen Loew that appeared in The Atlantic: ‘Squiggles are the new quarter notes: why music looks different now’ (4 Oct 2013).