Michael Clarke: Stockholm and Perth

Prof. Clarke’s revised version of his 16 channel fixed media work Tim(br)e 2 will be premiered at the SMC conference in Stockholm (July 29-Aug 4th).  It will receive a second performance at the ICMC in Perth later in August.  It was the first work composed in the SPIRAL studio after it opened and is based on transformations of a single recorded oboe phrase.

The TaCEM project team – Michael Clarke and Frédéric Dufeu (Huddersfield) and Peter Manning (Durham) – is making a number of presentations at conferences over the summer.  These include the EMS conference in Lisbon (June), ICMC in Perth (August), TCPM in Montreal (October) and an invited contribution at the RMA conference in London in September.  The first version of the TIAALS (Tools for Interactive Aural Analysis) software, developed as part of this project, is to be released in August and will be available from the TaCEM website.