Rupert Till: BBC tv features Stonehenge research

Dr Rupert Till’s research on the acoustics of Stonehenge continues to be used by other researchers and media channels. Most recently Dr. Till was interviewed by the BBC television programme The Sky at Night as they presented the show from Stonehenge on the summer solstice. As well as discussing sound at the site, the programme made extensive use of digital models of Stonehenge generated as a byproduct of his research. Working most recently with researcher John Fillwalk at Ball University in the US he has created increasingly accurate digital models of the site in order to do more accurate acoustic modelling.

As well as being used by The Sky at Night, this research has been used by the History Channel, BBC Radio 4, the New Scientist, the iPad/iPhone app ‘Stonehenge Experience’, and it has featured on Apple’s recent worldwide advertising campaign.

Clips featuring Dr Till and his work can be seen at: 

Dr. Till is currently planning a research trip to northern Spain to explore the relationships between cave paintings and acoustics, with paintings that are up to 40,000 years old. He has also just started work on the European music archaeology project, an EU culture programme funded 5 year project.