Monty Adkins & Julio D’Escrivan – Geometries of Flight collaboration

A new audiovisual work – Geometries of Flight with sound by Monty Adkins and images by Julio d’Escrivan will be performed at the xCoAx 2013 which will take place in Bergamo (Città Alta), Italy, on June 27 and 28. A co-authored paper relating to the work will also be given at the conference. This will be followed by a performance of the work in July at the Frome Festival, UK.

Geometries of Flight was commissioned by Tobias Fischer for a publication and audio-visual celebration of the work of Kenneth Kirschner. For this work, Monty Adkins took five short samples from Kirschner’s 10 July 2012 and exploded their harmonic and gestural content creating an epic 20 minute track that slowly unfolds layer by layer. This epic sonic landscape finds its counterpart in the video by Julio d’Escriván with its focus on the slow movement of polar ice and glaciers and with the exploration of these environments.