Geoff Cox performance in New York and research update

Dr Geoffrey Cox‘ audio-visual setting of Lina Valutyte’s poem ‘There’ was performed at the 2013 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival on 3rd April. ‘There’ presents a fixed narrative setting for the poem, using the idea of a place as something remembered from afar, and then proceeds to deconstruct both sound and image. As the materials dissolve and re-align themselves through a process that is both partially random and directed, novel juxtapositions and implied meanings are generated, such that the remembrance of ‘there’ becomes evermore fragmented and distant. The visual concept of the piece was developed by Geoffrey Cox and Keith Marley.  A fixed version of the work can be found here

Dr Cox’ article entitled ‘Listen to Nice’  will be published in The New Soundtrack in Autumn, 2013. In describing Humphrey Jennings’ wartime documentary propaganda film, ‘Listen to Britain’ (1941), a film with an overtly poetic sensibility and dominantly musical soundtrack, John Corner asserts that ‘through listening to Britain, we are enabled to properly look at it’. This idea of sound, leading our attention to the images and thus reversing the long held hegemonic notion that ‘the image comes first’ (Rothapfel, 1910), has underpinned much of the sound design and collaborative work between composer and sound designer, Geoffrey Cox and documentary filmmaker, Keith Marley. It is in this context that this article analyses an extract of ‘A Film About Nice’ (Marley and Cox, 2010), a contemporary re-imagining of Jean Vigo’s silent documentary, À propos de Nice (1930) that explores the use of music and creative sound design in order to place emphasis on hearing a place, as much as seeing it.The extract analysed can be found here.

still from Geoffrey Cox's documentary project 'Tree People'
still from Geoffrey Cox’s documentary project ‘Tree People’

Dr Cox reports that: ‘work is progressing well on a new documentary film, ‘Tree People’, my next major project. The film is about a volunteer tree planting group, The Colne Valley Tree Society that has been planting trees in the Colne Valley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, since 1964. He has been planting with the group every year since 1998.  In terms of music research, the documentary will primarily focus on the creative use and manipulation of diegetic sound, and music, that will include the writing of a musical score, preferably performed by a local brass band.’