CeReNeM Newsletter April-June 2013

CeReNeM’s community of staff and postgraduate researchers continue to circulate internationally and the news below details many impressive new publications, awards, performances and premieres. Congratulations to Dr Rupert Till on the award of a very major grant from the EU Culture Programme; his work with the European Music Archaeology Project was part of a successful consortium bid from 8 partners for funding of €2 million over 5 years. Dr Aaron Einbond has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship which follows other recent successes with a project at IRCAM and news that he will be visiting Harvard University as Lecturer on Music in spring 2014.

Staff have been incredibly productive with publications of  journal articles, books and CDs in press and appearing with Ashgate, The New Soundtrack, Music & Letters, Twentieth Century Music, Empreintes DIGITALes and WERGO and we are proud to announce the release of the 6th CD of our own HCR label featuring the music of Aaron Cassidy, Bryn Harrison and Richard Glover performed by EXAUDI. CeReNeM has also partnered with University of Huddersfield press to launch the new online journal Divergence Press of which the next issue focussed on ‘Sound.Music.Image’ will be edited by Dr Julio D’Escriván.

Our recent PhD graduates have also had major successes:

Dr Heather Roche, Music Biennale Zagreb. photo: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
Dr Heather Roche, Music Biennale Zagreb. photo: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

Dr Nicolas Bernier (2012) Frequencies (a), developed as part of his PhD, has won the most prestigious international prize in the field of electroacoustic music: the Golden Nica from Ars Electronica.

Dr Einar Torfi Einarsson (2012) who held the CeReNeM Jonathan Harvey scholarship has been appointed a Research Fellow at the Orpheus Research Centre in Music in Ghent.

Dr Heather Roche (2011) is highly active commissioning work and recording and has recently performed concerts at the Noise Non-ference and the Electroacoustic Music Festival in New York, Music Biennale Zagreb and at BEAST’s ‘Vanishing Point‘ weekend at the CBSO, Birmingham.

News about current students can be found on the cerenem postgraduates website.


EXAUDI CD ‘Exposure’ out on HCR (Cassidy, Harrison, Glover)

HCR06_EXPOSURE EXAUDI vocal ensemble launched Exposure, HCR’s sixth CD release with a concert on 4 May in London and a roundtable discussion hosted by Tim Rutherford-Johnson with composers Matthew Shlomowitz, James Weeks, Aaron Cassidy, Stephen Chase and Claudia Molitor. The CD was recorded last August following Exaudi’s residency at the University of Huddersfield and features works by Aaron Cassidy, Weeks, Chase, Molitor, Bryn HarrisonRichard Glover and Joanna Bailie.

A review of the CD appears on the 5:4 blog.

Rupert Till grant success for European Music Archaeology Project

Dr Rupert Till‘s work with the European Music Archaeology Project has been funded through the EU Culture Programme receiving a 5 year €2 million grant, with about 8 partners from different countries involved. Dr Till says: ‘I will be setting up a music archaeology record label, and recording perhaps Greek instruments in a temple, Roman instruments at Pompeii’s theatre or prehistoric instruments in chamber tombs. I will also be creating multimedia exhibits for a touring exhibition, which will travel across Europe, for example to Rome, Berlin, France, Portugal, Spain etc. EMAP will develop a free-to-enter multimedia touring exhibition and accompanying programme of workshops and performances which will visit ten venues in eight countries between May 2015 and November 2016. The exhibition covers the origins and evolution of European music from Prehistory to still-surviving music traditions and will be supported by a website, TV documentary, recordings and other activities. Continue reading “Rupert Till grant success for European Music Archaeology Project”

Philip Thomas Canadian concert tour, journal article in Twentieth Century Music

philip-head-sideways-e1364140336609Dr Philip Thomas has recently returned from a concert tour of Canada, giving the first Canadian performances of new works recently commissioned for his ‘Canada Connections’ project. The works, by British composers Christopher Fox and Bryn Harrison and Canadian composers Martin Arnold and Cassandra Miller, were premiered in Autumn 2012 at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and the University of Sheffield.

Philip gave solo concerts in Open Space, Victoria; Vancouver; Chapelle Historique, Montréal; Array Studios, Toronto and Gallery 345, Toronto, playing music by the above composers as well as Laurence Crane, Richard Glover, Michael Oesterle, eldritch Priest and Linda C Smith. In Montréal Philip also performed with the Quatour Bozzini, including giving the Canadian premiere of Laurence Crane’s Piano Quintet and took part in talks and workshops as part of the Salon QB supported by Innovations en concèrt. In Toronto he closed his tour with a thrilling concert with Continuum, featuring a programme of British and Canadian composers, including the premiere of a new work by Canadian Trevor Grahl.

On 25th May 2013, Philip performs with Apartment House in a programme of music by Christian Wolff, joined by the composer performing, at the Angelica Festival, Bologna, Italy.

Twentieth Century Music has just published an article by Philip: ‘Understanding Indeterminate Music through Performance: Cage’s Solo for Piano’, Twentieth Century Music, 10/1 (March 2013), pp.91-113.  Continue reading “Philip Thomas Canadian concert tour, journal article in Twentieth Century Music”

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay premiere in Montréal

Dr Pierre Alexandre Tremblay‘s 5.1 piece from his last Empreintes DIGITALes album Ces énigmes lumineuses was presented at BEAST’s ‘Vanishing Point’ weekend at the CBSO centre in Birmingham. Dr Tremblay will be in Montréal in June for the premiere of his work ‘Mono No Aware’, commissioned by Ensemble Totem Contemporain for Babel Table and Electronics. The work will then be recorded to form part of his next CD release on Empreintes DIGITALes, planned for early this autumn.

Rose Dodd recent performances and book with Ashgate

Dr Rose Dodd with Britt Pernille Froholm, Oslo, 2012
Dr Rose Dodd with Britt Pernille Froholm, Oslo, 2012

Research Fellow Dr Rose Dodd has had a number of performances of compositions in the UK, Norway and Australia:

Foraging music no. 1 8’00 (2013), for clarinet and electronics. Premiered by Jonathan Sage at the On the Edge Concert Series, University College Scarborough, University of Hull, April 2013.

Island music, 9’00 (2012) for fixed media. Premiered Rikkscenen, Oslo, November 2012. Selected for performance in the Listening Room at the Eighth Biennial International Music since 1900 Conference, to be hosted by Liverpool Hope University, September 2013. Also being performed ICMC 2013, Perth, Australia.

mobius ii,  13’00 (2011) for hardanger fiddle & fixed media. Received its Norwegian premiere, Rikkscenen, Oslo, November 2012, followed by a second performance at the Biermansgaten Bidrobon Concert Series, May 2013.

Dr Dodd is currently editing the volume: The Music of Christopher Fox: Portraits and Perspectives commissioned by Ashgate for publication in late 2014. This is an edited collection of writing on the music of Christopher Fox with authors including Bob Gilmore, Stephen Chase, Philip Thomas, Monty Adkins, Claudia Molitor, Nikki Cassidy, Roger Heaton, Paul Attinello, Bjorn Heile. Dr Dodd will edit the volume, write the Introduction, and contribute a chapter ‘Ecstatic, Dutch and Maximalist Minimalism’.

Geoff Cox performance in New York and research update

Dr Geoffrey Cox‘ audio-visual setting of Lina Valutyte’s poem ‘There’ was performed at the 2013 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival on 3rd April. ‘There’ presents a fixed narrative setting for the poem, using the idea of a place as something remembered from afar, and then proceeds to deconstruct both sound and image. As the materials dissolve and re-align themselves through a process that is both partially random and directed, novel juxtapositions and implied meanings are generated, such that the remembrance of ‘there’ becomes evermore fragmented and distant. The visual concept of the piece was developed by Geoffrey Cox and Keith Marley.  A fixed version of the work can be found here Continue reading “Geoff Cox performance in New York and research update”

Mary Bellamy performances in UK and California

Dr Mary Bellamy‘s solo ‘cello works received performances from two important contemporary ‘cellists this March. Abrasion (2012) was played by Séverine Ballon in Huddersfield and Transference (2010) was given its US premiere by Judith Hamann at the  Conrad Prebys Music Center, UCSD as part of the First Monday Concert series. These works will receive further performances in Melbourne and the UK later this year.

Peter Ablinger – international projects and Room Formants research group

Peter Ablinger has initiated a ‘Room Formants Research Group’ based at Huddersfield University involving staff and postgraduate composers, to continue his research on acoustics and exploration of space and the characteristics of sound diffusion.

Prof. Ablinger is engaged with multiple international projects including:
6 – 20 April. Iran Project, workshops and lectures in Shiraz and Tehran with composers Klaus Lang, Nader Mashayekhi, Georg Nussbaumer followed by a one week installation project in the deserts of Iran.
25 – 28 April. Lectures, performances and installations at the Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, including the Black Series with Gareth Davis and the Julie Mittens, and two installations in public spaces on Witten’s shopping streets:  Schaufensterstück and From Inside Out.
7 May 2013, Toledo/Spain, La Nave de Espoletas. Concert, Peter Ablinger and Adam Weisman performing from the Weiss/weisslich Series
8.-19.May, Weiss/weisslich 29, chairs and Weiss/weisslich 36, headphones installation in public spaces as part of the exhibition ‘kultur:stadt’, Akademie der Künste Berlin.

More information about these and other upcoming performances, lectures and workshops can be found at: http://ablinger.mur.at/

Monty Adkins: Roberto Gerhard book on Ashgate and conference keynote

Prof. Monty Adkins has completed his AHRC-funded project investigating the Gerhard archive of electroacoutic composition at the University of Cambridge. The Roberto Gerhard Companion co-edited with Prof. Michael Russ will be published by Ashgate later this year.

Prof. Adkins was invited to be a keynote speaker on the Gerhard project at EMSAR 2013 at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge on the 11th May.

Monty Adkins & Julio D’Escrivan – Geometries of Flight collaboration

A new audiovisual work – Geometries of Flight with sound by Monty Adkins and images by Julio d’Escrivan will be performed at the xCoAx 2013 which will take place in Bergamo (Città Alta), Italy, on June 27 and 28. A co-authored paper relating to the work will also be given at the conference. This will be followed by a performance of the work in July at the Frome Festival, UK.

Geometries of Flight was commissioned by Tobias Fischer for a publication and audio-visual celebration of the work of Kenneth Kirschner. For this work, Monty Adkins took five short samples from Kirschner’s 10 July 2012 and exploded their harmonic and gestural content creating an epic 20 minute track that slowly unfolds layer by layer. This epic sonic landscape finds its counterpart in the video by Julio d’Escriván with its focus on the slow movement of polar ice and glaciers and with the exploration of these environments.

Aaron Einbond awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

Congratulations to Research Fellow Dr Aaron Einbond who has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in the Creative Arts: Music composition category. In its 89th annual competition for the United States and Canada, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has awarded 175 fellowships to artists, scientists, and scholars. The successful candidates were chosen from a group of some 3,000 applicants. Guggenheim Fellows are appointed “on the basis of achievement and exceptional promise.” Since its establishment in 1925, the foundation has granted over $281 million in fellowships to more than 17,000 individuals. More information can be found in the press release.

Liza Lim – CD on WERGO

Tongue CDProf. Liza Lim‘s Tongue of the Invisible, a one hour work commissioned by the 2011 Holland Festival and Ensemble musikFabrik for jazz pianist Uri Caine, singer Omar Ebrahim and ensemble, has been released on WERGO. The score is published by Ricordi Munich and a related article co-authored with Eric Clarke and Mark Doffman entitled ‘Distributed creativity and ecological dynamics: a case study of Liza Lim’s Tongue of the Invisible’ will appear in Music & Letters later this year.