Success for The HISSTools research in Ableton 9


The HISSTools Impulse Response Toolkit (or HIRT) is software designed and programmed by Dr Alex Harker and Dr Pierre Alexandre Tremblay in the Centre for Research in New Music at the University of Huddersfield. It has now been embedded at the heart of a new convolution reverb released on Tuesday March 5th as part of Ableton 9. This new update of one of the most highly respected mixing software programs is causing a major stir in the music world.The research grew out of a previous AHRC Funded project by Dr Tremblay ‘Thinking inside the box’. The aim of this research was to improve speaker playback in studios and halls though a process of loudspeaker correction. The project also included proximity microphone correction. Because of the creative ends that this software could be used for as well as its original technical purpose, Dr Harker was asked by Ableton to code a musician-relevant instrument convolution reverb. The research has been used in a composition by Dr Tremblay which was featured at the International Computer Music Conference in Ljubljana in 2012.

More details about the HIRT research project can be found here: