HISS international concert events: Montréal, Basel and hcmf//2012

Composers around the CeReNeM sound laboratories (the studios and the HISS) are showcased in several international fora in October and November:

Dr Tremblay at Akousma Festival, Montreal

The Montréal-based international electronic music festival Akousma includes two concerts of CeReNeM members on 27 October 2012. Dr Tremblay has a concert playing music from his third release on Empreintes DIGITALes, intertwined by solo bass+laptop impromptus. Prof. Adkins will then play a full set with Huddersfield graduate Dr Paulina Sundin, blending glitch-ambient with electroacoustic and instrumental improvisation.

The prestigious concert series Nachtstrom, in Basel’s Gare du Nord, will host a HISS program on 8 November 2013 featuring the work of Dr Tremblay, Dr Alex Harker, Prof Adkins and Dr Einbond with performances by Huddersfield alumnus Dr Heather Roche (clarinet). The programme also includes a work by Canadian composer Sylvain Pohu that was composed in the Huddersfield studios in 2007. Finally, this work will also be presented at hcmf// on 17 November in a solo recital by Heather Roche playing works by Harker, Tremblay, Einbond, Pohu and current PhD student Chikako Morishita.