Liza Lim, performances; music curator for opening of new institute in Cologne

Prof. Liza Lim’s work was performed in a number of locations during October 2012: The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra gave 3 performances (25-27 October) of her orchestral fanfare Flying Banner (after Wang To), an exploration of Chinese ‘wild-cursive’ calligraphy in sound. Also on Oct 25, Ochred String (2008) was presented by Ensemble Phace in Vienna as part of the all-night series Wie Wir Wollen curated by Pia Palme in a collaboration between the Festival e_may and Wien Modern. ‘Cellist Séverine Ballon performed Invisibility (2009) in Essen and Oldenburg notching up 25 performances of the work since she premiered it.

Ensemble Phace, Vienna (photo by Oliver Topf)

The Akademie der Künste der Welt of which Prof. Lim is a founding member had its official opening on October 27th with a programme of events around the topical political subject of ‘circumcision’ (responding to the controversial Cologne court ruling earlier this year which banned the practice). The festival and conference ‘cutting edge’ received comprehensive press coverage and an overwhelmingly positive reception:

‘No clumsy counter-model to the usual culture operation: In Cologne, the Academy of Arts of the world has started its work – fortunately. 14 international artists, curators and theorists will now fill this institution as an empty vessel. The purchase of a new diversity is outlined in the the example of circumcision. What a successful debut, what an impressive day. Good thing there is this shop now. It is a miracle that in times of shortening and saving an entirely new institution opens.’ The Akademie der Künste der Welt – the most exciting place in Germany, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 28.19.12.

‘Lim is a founding member of the Academy in charge of the musical part of the opening. The Australian-born composer was concerned after the sometimes heated debates, to find music that emphasizes the unifying. “Music that says, this cultural aspect is not only the foreign, the Other, but also something that belongs to us.” Therefore, the opening ceremony ends with a tasting of ten centuries of circumcision music. Musically at any rate the Academy of the Arts of the world has succeeded in bridging the gap.’ Can art build bridges? Deutsche Welle, 28.10.12.