Pierre Alexandre Tremblay at La Sorbonne, Paris

Atmospheric Distortion. light.box (Alex Bonney: trumpet, trumpaphone, laptop
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay: bass guitar, laptop)

After launching a first album with his London-based duet light.box at the Vortex last month, Dr Pierre Alexandre Tremblay is preparing to present his research at La Sorbonne, Paris in November, as part of a symposium on 60 years of mixed music. His paper, entitled ‘Considérations pragmatiques en musique mixte: une approche systémique de la composition, de l’interprétation et de la technique’ (Pragmatic considerations in mixed music) considers the following areas:

‘With access to powerful real-time DSP languages now easier than ever, the new generation of mixed music composers are able to manage both sides of the coin: they have the programming skills and the compositional concerns that were traditionally the responsibility of two different persons. This brings more and more sophisticated integration of technical resources and compositional gestures. In the light of general comments on the seamless integration of technology in this piece, the author, by discussing how compositional and technical concerns interact in his process of creation, tries to pinpoint key considerations that help him achieve this. He proposes two major categories, portability and adaptability, and explains how they were addressed in this specific work.’