Monty Adkins’ ‘Four Shibusa’ and ‘Remnant’; Roberto Gerhard lecture at CIRRMT, McGill University Canada

Prof. Monty Adkins’ work ‘Remnant’ (Audiobulb, 2011) with video by Jay Payne will be performed at the Musee d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg on Oct. 25th 2012.

His CD release ‘Four Shibusa’ continues to attract great reviews:

More recently Monty Adkins’ work has become increasingly minimal and introspective. This work focuses on encouraging a deeper immersive listening experience. Working with a reduced sonic palette the new works draw together elements from ambient, minimal electronica, acousmatic (sound one hears without seeing an originating cause) and experimental electronic music.

The description of Shibusa perfectly matches the four tracks on this album, remaining true to this concept from the first to the very last note. Subtle details, balancing simplicity with complexity, sounds you never tire of listening to….Four Shibusa presents a perfect match of form and content. I hate to use this reviewer’s cliché, but this is definitely one of the most beautiful albums I’ve have heard in a long time!  ambient blog

One of the works from the CD, ‘permutations’, appears on the free CD of Gonzo Circus (the Dutch equivalent of The Wire) this month with a distribution of 2,500+.

On 26 October, Prof. Adkins gave a lecture on the work of Roberto Gerhard at CIRMMT, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology, McGill University in Montreal.