Julio d’Escriván Live Composition: Soundpainting at hACERIA, Bilbao, Spain.

A video documentary from rehearsal to performance of Julio d’Escriván and the sound painting ensemble at hACERIA
The contemporary music collective, KLEM-KURAIA, from Bilbao (Basque Country) held the 2012 edition of its festival at the beginning of October 2012. As part of this international gathering of composers and performers, Dr Julio d’Escriván was invited to create and conduct a Live Composition event, with a group of professional classical and jazz performers from the Basque country, using the music signing language developed in the 1980s by Walter Thompson in New York. The performance took place as a closing act to the festival at the hACERIA, one of several creative spaces in the Isla de Zorrotzaurre, part of the old port of Bilbao. In the past two years abandoned warehouses have been setup there to accomodate theatre, dance, music, rehearsal spaces, artist residencies and exhibition galleries. The ensemble are set to record a CD with d’Escriván in the spring of 2013 in Bilbao for the new ZAWP label. Please click on link for more information on Soundpainting.