Introducing Julio d’Escriván

Dr Julio d’Escriván

Dr Julio d’Escriván is a composer, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, with a strong interest in live cinema work and music for the moving image. As an electroacoustic composer, Julio won the Bourges prize twice in the late 1980s and since, has kept a constant interest in electronic music through performance and academic authorship. Julio’s recent composition work has focused on live concrete and plunderphonics using soundpainting composition as well as live coding. His most recent work in this area is the FUSIL project presented recently in Brazil in July 2012 at the IV Seminar of Music Science and Technology of the Dept. of Music at The University of São Paulo. The project will receive a wider audience in that city, at this year’s Bienal (the most important art event in Latinamerica) in November 2012 and at the Klem Kuraia Festival in Bilbao in October 2012. Among his other works, in November 2011 he premiered his Terra Nova, a piece for live projected videogame playing and orchestral ensemble, performed by the Anglia Sinfonia at West Road, Cambridge. Julio is the author of C.U.P.’s Music Technology book (2012), as well as co-editor of the Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music (also C.U.P.) and the Composing with SuperCollider chapter for the M.I.T. Press Supercollider book published in 2011.