CeReNeM at ICMC 2012 Ljubljana

The University of Huddersfield was represented by 13 members of the CeReNeM team at the recent International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2012: Non-Cochlear Sound) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Prof. Monty Adkins reports:

Between 9th-14th September 2012 the world’s leading computer musicians, software developers and programmers assembled for the International Computer Music Conference in Slovenia, hosted by the Institute for Sonic Arts Research, Ljubljana. CeReNeM was the most represented of any international institution. An unprecedented 13 members of the department were involved in the conference giving papers, posters and concert performances. Monty Adkins presented a long paper co-authored with Carlos Duque and Gregorio Karman on his recent AHRC funded project about the electronic music of Roberto Gerhard. Pierre Alexandre Tremblay and Alex Harker also presented a paper on their URF funded HISStools – an innovative suite of audio plug-ins. This paper included a demonstration of the tools that was so successful that they had over 250 downloads of the suite of tools within hours of giving the paper.

l.-r. Al McNichol (UCB), Dr Harker, Prof. Adkins, Dr d’Escrivan, Samantha Horseman, Luca Holland, Dr Tremblay.

Short papers and posters were given by several Research Fellows and PhD students: Dr Aaron Einbond presented on his research with Diemo Schwarz (IRCAM) and Christopher Trapani on aspects of concatenative synthesis; Samantha Horseman and Luca Holland both presented on aspects of sonic art installation; Scott Hewitt (and Alex Harker) crashed every computer in the room during their paper, thereby wonderfully demonstrating the insecurity of networks for laptop performance and Al McNichol (lecturer at UCB) presented his PhD research concerning the use of new technologies in the classroom for children between 11-14. CeReNeM was also strongly represented in the concerts at the conference with performance being given of: Mark Bokowiec’s Amera, Alex Harker’s Fractures, Julio d’Escriván’s Give me a word, any word…, Lefteris Papdimitriou’s Panorama, Monty Adkins’ Hidden Tongues, and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay’s La Rupture Ineluctable with Cologne-based Huddersfield PhD graduate, Heather Roche, on bass clarinet. The vibe of the conference was not only that CeReNeM was one of the leading research centres for new music but also one of the liveliest. Unlike many research centres that have specialisms in a small number of areas, those representing CeReNeM demonstrated the widest possible engagement with the field of computer music in all of its guises including: pedagogy, software development, live-coding, live electronic music, video-music, musicology of electronic music, sonic art and installation and mixed music.