Aaron Cassidy: rave review for Neos CD

NEOS records have just released a portrait disc of Dr Aaron Cassidy‘s work entitled The Crutch of Memory (NEOS 11201) with performances by the ELISION Ensemble recorded in the wonderful acoustic of the Sendesaal of Radio Bremen.  The CD contains eight works written between 1999 and 2009 and documents Cassidy’s research into instrumental mechanism and extended tablature notation.

Colin Holter in his review of the disc for New Music Box says: ‘We could call Cassidy’s approach—those proliferating and always-changing approaches, rather—”extreme,” but that would be unfairly reductive: Not only (contra Cassidy’s critics) has their “extremeness” never been the point, but to label them “extreme” suggests that they occupy some remote point on a single historicist continuum of performed deconstruction… A listen through The Crutch of Memory, whose pieces show not only Cassidy’s growth as a composer but also the surprising multivalence of his pieces’ deliberately unstable material, will quickly dispel that prejudice. Cassidy’s work is a valuable contribution to an ongoing (and itself rhizomatic) project: to fracture the sedimented object-semblance of musical practices.’